Urbana City Council. From left to right: City Clerk Phyllis Clark, Ward 2 Council member Christopher Evans, Ward 3 Council member Shirese Hursey, Mayor Diane Marlin, Ward 5 Council member Chaundra Bishop, Ward 6 Council member Grace Wilken, Ward 7 Council member James Quisenberry, City Administrator Carol Mitten. Ward 1 Council member Maryalice Wu was absent for the vote, Ward 4 Council member Jaya Kolissetty voted remotely.

URBANA – On March 13, 2023 City Council voted to pass the 2023-2026 Police Union Contract despite the public raising concerns regarding the contract since it was brought forward to Council on December 19, 2022.

Among the issues brought up were the lack of transparency, rushed timeline of the contract negotiation process, lack of requirements for police accountability, restrictions to the Urbana Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) oversight, and violation of the Urbana Human Rights Ordinance.

These same issues were brought up in 2021 during the approval of the 2020-2023 Police Union Contract. At that time, several newly elected City Council members who were just months into their tenure agreed with the concerns about the flawed contract but felt like their hands were tied as they were not part of the contract negotiations.

The most significant change to this recently approved 2023-2026 contract is the increase in police officer salary that will cost the public nearly $1M over the next three years. However, no efforts were made at the negotiation table to address the issues raised in 2021 and during the past few months. Despite it being nearly identical to the flawed 2021 contract, Council members James Quisenberry and Shirese Hursey commented that the 2023 contract was negotiated in a manner that was known and agreed to by Council and came back based on parameters set by Council. Mayor Diane Marlin said that she was pleased with the efficiency of the negotiation process and that it was a good contract.

Council members Christopher Evans (Ward 2), Chaundra Bishop (Ward 5), and Grace Wilken (Ward 6) voted against the new contract. Council members Shirese Hursey (Ward 3), Jaya Kolisetty (Ward 4), and James Quisenberry (Ward 7) voted for the new contract. Council member Maryalice Wu (Ward 1) was absent for the vote, resulting in a tie. Mayor Diane Marlin voted yes, breaking the tie, and passing the Resolution No. 2022-12-091R (A Resolution Approving a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #70), thus approving the 2023-2026 Police Union Contract.

View/download full version of the proposed Urbana FOP Contract for 2023 – 2026.